mPGA convert strategy into action

30% use a SWOT for which it is intended, a strategic analysis. 70% are not satisfied with the result. Objectives and a concrete action plan, is what they need. SWOT was not originally intended for this.

mPGA doesn’t take much time to learn it. Especially if you have already worked with SWOT.

Based on long time experience

mPGA was developed several years ago and tested extensively by organizations all over the world from South America to Southeast Asia. And without exception very successful. No training is required.

In addition to an analysis, it provides you with clear goals and a concrete action plan. You can start using the result of mPGA the next day. Organizations will function better and faster. Your customers and employees will be very enthusiastic about this. That is mPGA.

My experiences after guiding more than 100 SWOT sessions.

  1. More than 70% want more than a strategic analysis.
  2. It is almost impossible to arrive at an action plan via SWOT.
  3. More than half of the SWOT participants have a different idea of ​​the objective than the organizer himself.
  4. More than 80% of the SWOT sessions mainly yield many generalities.
  5. Weaknesses and threats mainly generate a lot of negative energy.
  6. More than half of SWOT analyzes disappear in a desk drawer.
  7. Combining internal and external factors does not yield much more than some focus areas.

mPGA: create organizational change

And yet, SWOT has been in massive use since the early 1960s. As a strategic analysis tool, SWOT has been satisfying all these years. However, if you want more than that. For example, clear goals and a concrete action plan, SWOT is not suitable. To start real change and get people into action, mPGA fits much better than SWOT.

For years I have looked around for some tools to get a positive result.

  • With more focus and better preparation.
  • With a method where the energy in a team is positive.
  • Searching for opportunities in a brainstorming manner.
  • Towards a result that delivers targeted goals and a concrete action plan.
  • In the same time that SWOT only provides an analysis.
  • With which you can start implementation the next day.

mPGA convert strategy into action

Converting strategy into action takes days, weeks and months and now you can do it in the same time that you “only” get an analysis through a SWOT session.

The question I often get: that’s easy, you skip weaknesses and threats. Nothing is less true.

In obstacles you look for factors that get in the way of achieving your goals. Those are only those weaknesses and threats related to the goals you are pursuing. You can immediately apply a risk assessment to it.

Instead of negative energy, like with SWOT, the search for obstacles yields positive energy. Clearing away obstacles to achieve your goals, nothing is more fun than that.

Turning obstacles into actions empowers a team. And that is precisely where the working solutions come into view. Focused on targeted goals and they lead to concrete actions.

  • Focus 40% 40%
  • 90% 90%
  • Strategy 80% 80%
  • 60% 60%
  • Goals 20% 20%
  • 80% 80%
  • Obstacles 50% 50%
  • 80% 80%
  • Actions 20% 20%
  • 90% 90%

mPGA is completely free 

It doesn’t take much time to learn it. Especially if you have already worked with SWOT. You do not need me and you can effortlessly deploy mPGA in your organization, for your project or even for your personal ambitions.

Why hasn’t this idea come up before?

  • The initiatives are there, but they are not very successful.
  • Consultants earn a lot of money with SWOT sessions, no reason to stop doing that.
  • And consultants keep coming back, because you can’t do anything with the outcome of a SWOT analysis alone.

About mPGA

mPGA stands for mission, Power, Goals and Action.

mission: provide direction and focus.

Power: look for opportunities and your strength.

Goals: formulate your goals.

Action: recognize the obstacles and make an action plan.

SWOT 3.0?

You can see mPGA as SWOT 3.0 or as a completely new approach. It is certain that you will get an analysis, goals and an action plan. With a positive approach and yet sufficient attention to weaknesses and threats. And mPGA will take no more time than to work with a SWOT.

  • Is this too good to be true?
  • Is there a commercial company behind it that is launching a new tool on the market?
  • Is it difficult to understand?
  • Do you have to follow training courses to work with it?

For all above questions the answer is NO.

You can try mPGA yourself. It is easy. It is fast. It gives better and concreter results. And it gives you the opportunity to start the next day.

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