Want more concrete results than with a SWOT

I struggled for a long time as a change manager to make the SWOT analysis a success.

After trial and error, this is increasingly successful.

Now I have developed a new SWOT. You don’t need me for it. mPGA is completely free to use for everyone. mPGA is simple, fast and gives better results.

Every month I post 2 blog articles.

Analyse fast, implement faster.

SWOT also has its downside. After many years of experience, I adjusted the SWOT. Or rather, I have developed a completely new management tool. I have tested it extensively in practice.

mPGA stands for mission, Power, Goals and Action. mPGA is more focused and results in concrete goals and a sound action plan.

  • Smarter, because with mPGA it is clearer what matters.
  • Better, because the outcome is much more concrete and motivating.
  • Faster, an important factor in a world where competition does not stand still.

I write about SWOT and mPGA on this Blog.